New Autumn Salads

With the arrival of Autumn we have launched our new Autumn Menu.  Our salads have also been updated.  We have new additions such as

Butternut squash & courgette with tahini GF/NF

Tahini chickpea with bulgur & tomato GF/V/NF

Aubergine feta yoghurt with pomegranate & pistachios GF

Roasted carrot & green lentil with Za’atar GF/V/NF

Beetroot, celery, green apple with pomegranate GF/V/NF

Quinoa, roasted butternut squash GF/NF

Broccoli, baby spinach & red kapya with Nigella seeds GF/V/NF

Baby potatoes, green bean, olives & shallot vinaigrette GF/V/NF